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      GoldWave Plug-in SDK

      The plug-in software development kit (SDK) allows C++ developers to add customized functionality to GoldWave, such as support for new/proprietary file formats, new effects, and new visuals.

      It does not provide a program interface to access GoldWave's existing functionality. It cannot be used to control batch processing, recording or playback through another program, for example. It is for creating new plug-ins for GoldWave.

      The SDK includes detailed information about the following plug-in interfaces:

      • File Format Plug-ins - Convert files to and from GoldWave's internal format.
      • Visual Plug-ins - Display audio data or time and status information.
      • Effect Plug-ins - Process and modify audio. They are listed under the Effect | Plug-in submenu.

      There are no royalties or fees and plug-ins can be distributed as open or closed source, free or for profit.

      Download Link

      GoldWave v5.70

      SDK v3.01 (312k zip) 2009-11-06

      Recent Changes

      SDK v3.01

      • GoldWave v5.54 to v5.70 required.
      • Added Picture and PictureList metadata objects
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